Gourmet Ice Cream was founded in Dunedin, South Island New Zealand in 1995. We started in a small factory producing a small but flexible range of super-premium ice creams for the hospitality market. Soon a reputation built and we moved to larger premises and carried on producing an ever increasing range of products to meet the needs of our customers. We packed sizes from 100ml individual serve to 5 litre hospitality packs in literally hundreds of flavours, mostly made to order.

In 2006 our lease was at an end and we had to make a move. A new purpose built factory was built and we moved in. We had a shop and plenty of room to make what we wanted. We set up a chocolate operation and started to production of Ice Cream Pavlova Roulades.

We teamed up with a Biotechnology company (BLIS) and developed a range of products including a probiotic ice cream. BLIS brought the business in 2011 and operated until February 2013.
We eventually brought the gourmet brand back and started looking for opportunities in a now heavily saturated New Zealand ice cream market.

We have identified where we want to be, whom we wish to work with and a plan for future development and we are on a strategic growth plan utilising our skills and expertise built up over 18 years of food and ice cream / dessert production. We have launched Gourmet Foods of New Zealand Ltd which will be the umbrella for all the operations including our future growth strategies.