About Us

(1995)-After numerous comments and requests from friends for more of their delicious homemade ice creams, they felt convinced there was a niche market for top quality, home-made style ice cream.

By being based in the lower South Island of New Zealand The Gourmet Ice cream Co. is able to source many of its ingredients locally. Cream from the lush pastures of rural Otago and Canterbury, eggs from Otago and fresh fruit from Central Otago are used to create the most indulgent range of additive free ice creams.

Mark and Rae Scorgie personally quality check all the ingredients and ensure that their high standards are maintained from start to finish. This emphasis on quality gives The Gourmet Ice Cream Co. a unique position in the ice cream market – and that is and always will be – as a niche provider. Being a niche supplier means the company’s philosophy is to work closely with the customer to provide exactly what that customer wants. That was 1995 and things have changed in some ways but not others:

We still make some of the best ice creams, sorbet, gelato and frozen yoghurt in the land using fresh New Zealand ingredients. We are focusing on a range of innovative options for our discerning customers:

We make a range of ice creams for food service (restaurants, cafes and airlines) and now we have launched into the Chinese market. At this stage we are concentrating on our range of pure natural probiotic (yes the real stuff) yoghurt.

We are providing services to procure equipment and ingredients and offering our services to assist those who want to produce the best. We can supply the equipment, the ingredients and the expertise to make a wide range of products. We are manufacturers, exporters, importers and product creators.